Other Applications

The ONT sequencing platform offers countless uses for the nanopore system, with library preparation and downstream analyses to match that go beyond our standard ligation DNA sequencing. As a certified ONT service provider, we have the ability to order any library preparation that is offered for this system if a project calls for it, and the nanopore platform has a diverse range of applications that take advantage of its unique features, relative to other platforms. While the possibilities are numerous, an example library preparation and analysis are listed below. If you have a custom project that is well-suited to the nanopore platform, please contact us at info@seqcenter.com. We would love to discuss your project’s goals and how SeqCenter can support your research.

Direct RNA sequencing

The nature of the nanopore platform affords it the unique ability to perform direct RNA sequencing, which is not available from any other major sequencing technology. ONT offers a Direct RNA Sequencing Kit and protocol suitable for total RNA or enriched samples. It is great for reducing any bias introduced during cDNA synthesis and detection downstream of modified bases.

Detection of RNA modifications and polyA tail length in ONT data

Direct RNA sequencing of native molecules has the same added benefits of native DNA sequencing: capture of kinetics data that can be plumbed for modified base motifs and polyadenylated tails.

The nanopore community continues to develop a host of third-party tools to analyze the kinetics data for much more than just basecalls for many different applications, including a know-how page for polyA-tail length estimation. (Tool requires free ONT account.) Though ONT does not currently offer in-house tools directly for RNA modifications, their current tools are being tested for RNA applications. The company has hosted research groups presenting their use and analysis for nanopore data, including m6A modification detection in human neuroblastoma cell lines.

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