Nanopore Sequencing

Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) produces a long read platform designed to sequence genetic material of any length and is capable of generating the longest reads of any Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform. ONT’s unique nanopore sequencing technology measures the flow of ionic current across thousands of nano-sized protein pores. Bases are called according to voltage changes as nucleic acid molecules pass through each pore. This captured kinetics data stores information used not only for basecalling but also to predict base modifications with current (and future) models. In addition to DNA, the ONT platform is able to process and sequence both RNA and proteins.

One of the largest advantages of the Nanopore platform is that read length output is determined by the length of the library molecule, with the potential to sequence the full length of a chromosome in a single piece. Long read length is key in providing scaffolding information for de novo assemblies and can be sequenced straight through repeat regions that traditionally stymy short-read-only approaches. As a standalone, Nanopore sequencing can be used to resolve complex structural rearrangements common with insertions and mobile elements or when verifying constructs. While this technology has a slightly lower per base accuracy than our other platforms, it is easily overcome when paired with supplemental Illumina short read sequencing for a hybrid approach or through deep coverage.

The Nanopore sequencing community is also very active and continues to develop a plethora of third-party bioinformatic tools to get the most out of the unique data provided for the wide breadth of projects it can support.

As an accredited ONT sequencing provider, we are proud to offer ligation-based DNA sequencing that makes the most of native molecule libraries and are excited to support the full range of ONT library preparations for custom applications.

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    ONT Ligation

    Ligation-based library preparation and native DNA molecule sequencing take advantage of the potentially unlimited read length of the ONT platform to deliver Q20+ quality data in lengths limited only by the input molecules. We offer both standalone ONT sequencing as well as hybrid packages, which include high-accuracy Illumina sequencing and de novo assembly.

  • Other Applications

    ONT offers a wide array of library preparations that we are happy to support, including direct RNA sequencing which is unique to the ONT platform.

We are also happy to accommodate sequencing of prepared ONT libraries. Please contact us for custom handling and refer to our ONT Ligation page for flowcell pricing.

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