Illumina DNA Sequencing

Illumina is one of the leading short read Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) purveyors in the world, and their platforms underpin huge contributions to all fields of biological research since their introduction. Illumina platforms allow for massively paralleled sequencing that is adopted worldwide. The system relies on Illumina’s sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology, where the addition of fluorescently-tagged nucleotides is optically tracked during DNA synthesis. With the highest per-base accuracy, the highest throughput, and competitively short run times, this platform has countless uses in both clinical and research applications.

While recent advances in sequencing technology bring huge increases in the data output of each run, not all projects need this increase nor can fill an entire flowcell. Through the use of barcodes, we multiplex samples on the same flowcell, providing economy of scale to even very small projects. We offer a core set of Illumina library preparations and sequencing pipelines but can also accommodate custom work by sequencing premade libraries incorporating Illumina’s standard sequencing adapters. For more information on all of our current Illumina offerings, please see below.

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    Illumina Whole Genome Sequencing

    Our Illumina Whole Genome Sequencing packages provide cost-effective short read sequencing using a tagmentation-based Illumina DNA library preparation. In addition to accommodating a wide range of sequencing size needs, this approach produces high-quality short reads suitable for a plethora of downstream analyses.

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    Illumina Whole Exome Sequencing

    Providing an economical alternative to WGS of the human genome, our whole exome sequencing approach focuses on sequencing the protein-coding regions. This approach utilizes a collection of panels to cover genes that are linked to phenotypes useful for biological, medical, and public health applications.

Looking for sequencing without library prep? Our dedicated Illumina Full Flowcell sequencing services are designed for customers who prepare and pool their own sequencing libraries designed for an Illumina platform. Custom run structures are available for the dedicated flowcell options.

Illumina also powers many of our other pipelines for both DNA and RNA alike. Explore our other Illumina services for additional information.

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