Globus at SeqCenter

Accessing Data in Globus

  • The authorized email for data access is the email address used to place an order at SeqCenter. Users must log into Globus using this authorized email in order to gain access to their data. If you do not already have a Globus account for your email address, you will need to make one at
  • Additional email addresses can be authorized for data access via written request to and must be sent by the individual who placed the order.
  • Upon order completion, the authorized email will receive two emails from SeqCenter that grant access to the data:
    • One will be an automated email from Globus with a direct link to your data. If you do not already have a Globus account, this link will guide you through account creation.
    • A second email will be sent via AirTable but you must already be signed into Globus using the authorized email address to access the data.
  • Data will persist on the Globus Server at SeqCenter for no less than 90-days.

Viewing Shared Data

  • Once you have successfully accessed the Globus web app, all available datasets that are associated with the authorized email will be available to you. To quickly access data from all orders, navigate to:

Collections → Shared with You → SeqCenter Customer Data → Open in File Manager

  • From here, you will be able to see all of the orders associated with the authorized email. You may download files individually using the web app. To download entire folders, we recommend using Globus Connect Personal to facilitate the data transfer.

Transferring Data via Globus Connect Personal

Please visit this link to access the executable files for Globus Connect Personal:

For additional help, see the video below for a demo of Globus Connect Personal.

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