Lab Capabilities

Over the last five years, we provided sequencing services for over 100,000 samples for projects originating from over 2,000 unique customers. In 2022 alone, we performed sequencing services for over 3,000 projects for over 500 unique customers from academia to industry.

Our CEO & founder possesses over 10 years of experience in sequencing and protocol optimization. Two PhD-trained scientists oversee projects from sample acquisition through data delivery. All lab staff possess bachelor’s degrees, at a minimum, in the sciences and receive extensive, highly specialized training when joining the SeqCenter team. All members of the executive staff have laboratory and sequencing experience.


The Illumina platform provides the backbone for a large portion of our sequencing workflows. We offer packages for individual samples that include WGS or RNA library prep and sequencing at pricing that takes advantage of high-volume multiplexing, as well as dedicated flowcell services for your pre-prepared library pools. SeqCenter maintains a wide range of Illumina instruments, including the MiSeq and NextSeq 2000 platforms, as well as Illumina’s flagship machine: the NovaSeq X Plus.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies

SeqCenter is a certified provider for Oxford Nanopore Technologies in whole genome sequencing, metagenome sequencing, RNA-seq, and other applications. We offer a wide range of expertise with several Nanopore applications, including 1D ligation sequencing. Our services use ONT’s latest R10 flowcells with the GridION and PromethION devices.


The PacBio platform is our newest addition. We offer library preparation packages for WGS, AAV, and IsoSeq projects to produce HiFi reads on our PacBio Revio.

Bioinformatics Capabilities

SeqCenter houses a fleet of dedicated GPUs and redundant storage to tackle more computationally intensive analyses that can traditionally be taxing or near impossible for desktop machines. We rely on open-source software written by world-class researchers to produce user-friendly output. These programmatic software packages allow us to provide standard services ranging from de novo assemblies to paired differential expression analyses to methylation predictions.