Policies and Assurances

Sample Submission and Delivery

  • Our library preparation pipelines are designed to be very robust and can accommodate a wide range of sample qualities. Accordingly, SeqCenter attempts to process all samples submitted. Samples submitted with concentrations below the listed minimums may have additional PCR cycles added to their prep, not to exceed the stated maximum of the library prep method, at the discretion of SeqCenter technicians.  Any sample not producing a viable library after two attempts is not sequenced and incurs a sample failure fee of $20 per sample.
  • SeqCenter guarantees delivery of all data and analyses within two weeks (excluding holidays) of receipt of all parts of an order unless otherwise stated. This includes starting genetic material, references (if applicable), and payment information. In the event that data is not delivered within this timeframe, undelivered items are discounted at a rate of 25%.  If these items are not subsequently delivered within 21 days (excluding holidays) of receipt, they are free of charge.
  • For orders including analysis using a reference, SeqCenter attempts to use the provided reference to complete the order. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the reference is correct, both in terms of content and annotation, and any analysis that must be redone with additional references is billed at standard rates.
  • Whole Genome Sequencing orders with provided references deviating more than 0.5% from the sequenced data are not able to be completed, and variant calling outputs are replaced by a file indicating the analysis is unable to be completed due to reference incompatibility.
  • SeqCenter is not responsible for samples lost or delayed in the shipping process but makes every attempt to contact the sender if samples arrive in a questionable condition prior to sequencing.
  • All data is distributed via Box to the email address listed at the time of ordering. Additional users can be added by the customer at their discretion. Alternative methods of distribution (i.e., AWS S3 Bucket) can be accommodated but must be communicated prior to placing an order.

Sample and Data Retention

  • All DNA samples are stored at -20ºC for 3 months after data delivery. All RNA samples are stored at -80ºC for 3 months after data delivery.  Samples submitted as agar plates or cell pellets are stored for a period of 1 week after extraction, and the extracted material is stored according to the previously described standards.
  • All stored samples are available to be shipped back to the customer upon request. The customer is responsible for shipping costs and applicable handling fees.
  • Delivered data will persist on SeqCenter servers for a period of no less than three months. If available, data redistributions for orders older than three months are subject to a processing fee. Data and analyses will persist on Box.com cloud storage for a period of no less than three months but will never be removed by SeqCenter, and will continue to exist indefinitely subject to the limitations of Box.com policies.

Payment Terms

  • Orders are not processed until a valid method of payment is attached to the order via either a purchase order or credit card. SeqCenter gladly accepts receipt of samples in advance of payment; however, work does not begin until a payment method is received.
  • Credit card orders are subject to a 3% processing fee. For credit card orders, when the order is placed a temporary authorization hold is placed on the credit card for the amount of the order. At the time of data distribution, the credit card charge for the proper amount (including any adjustments) is pushed through.
  • All payments for wire transfers must be for the full amount of the order total plus an additional $20 for transfer fees. The customer must ensure that any fees to send a wire transfer from the issuing bank are also included in the transfer amount.
  • Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon, all payment is due within 30 days of invoice. Orders remaining unpaid for 90 days are subject to a 20% late fee.

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