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Overall Notes

When submitting your samples please ensure they meet the following requirements:

Samples should be sent in microcentrifuge tubes labeled with permanent marker or sealed 96-well PCR plates for larger submissions. (Please send PCR plates on dry ice to reduce the possibility of leaking or cross contamination.)
We ask customers to not use sticker labels, as they are prone to fall off.

For DNA Samples:

Samples should be contained within water, Tris or TE buffer, and can be shipped overnight at ambient temperature.

Illumina Samples require:
Volume of at least 30 uL
Concentration of at least 10 ng/uL measured by Qubit (higher if by Nanodrop)*

PacBio Samples require:
Volume of at least 60 uL or more.
Concentration of at least 35 ng/uL measured by Qubit*
Please ship PacBio samples on dry ice.

Nanopore Samples require:
Volume of at least 60 uL
Concentration of at least 40 ng/uL measured by Qubit (100 ng/uL as measured by Nanodrop)*
For Nanopore Combo Samples, please submit 1 Illumina and 1 Nanopore aliquot for each sample, following submission requirements above.

For orders with extraction packages, please send:
Cell pellets of 109 cells or more sent with ice packs or dry ice, or
Individually sealed agar plates with sizeable growth, equivalent to 109 or more cells, at ambient temperature. (Please include absorbent material with plates in case of leaks due to temperature changes.)

For RNA Samples:

Must be shipped on dry ice
Volume of at least 20 uL
Concentration of at least 50 ng/uL
DNAse treatment recommended, but not required
RIN > 6 recommended, but not required

For SARS-CoV-2 Samples

Must be shipped on dry ice
Volume of at least 15 uL

If your samples are unable to meet these requirements due to the nature of your organism, please contact us to see if custom library preparation is available.

*Please our FAQ for more information about the differences in Qubit and Nanodrop measurements.

Shipping Information:

Please send samples to:
91 43rd Street, Suite 250
Pittsburgh, PA 15201, USA

For additional shipping questions, please contact us at

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