Illumina DNA Sequencing

Illumina Whole Genome Sequencing


Our center utilizes Illumina DNA library preparations to generate consistently high-quality libraries from a wide range of sample types. All samples are indexed using IDT 10bp UDI indices and sequenced to the requested depth.  As a general guideline, we recommend 30-50x coverage of your genome for variant detection and 100x coverage for assemblies.

This service will provide paired end reads (2x151bp) delivered as fastq files. The total amount of reads you receive will be based upon the size of the sequencing package, which is the guaranteed minimum number of bases delivered with a quality score of Q30 or higher.  On average, all packages deliver more than twice the minimum number of reads.

Sample Requirements:


  • Total volume of 30µL or more
  • Eluted into water or dilute Tris/TE buffer
  • Sample concentration of greater than:
    • 10ng/µL measured by Qubit
    • 20ng/µL measured by Nanodrop

   What You Will Receive:


  • Fastq files (2 x 151bp) for each sample
  • Data QC Summary
  • Materials and Methods Summary
  • Data shared via Box folder within 2 weeks.

Sequencing Package

Example Uses


200 Mbp (1.33M Reads)

Plasmids, viral dsDNA, bacterial genomes <5Mb


400 Mbp (2.67M Reads)

Bacterial genomes >5Mb in size


650 Mbp (4.33M Reads)

Bacterial populations, yeast genomes


1 Gbp (6.67M Reads)

Large yeast genomes, simple metagenomes


2 Gbp (13.3M Reads)

Diverse metagenomes, small algae


5 Gbp (33.3M Reads)

Genomes <150Mbp


10 Gbp (66.7M Reads)

Genomes <320Mbp


25 Gbp (167M Reads)

Genomes <820Mbp


Sequencing Package

Package Details


Mouse/Human 30x

A minimum of 100Gbp of 151bp PE Reads


Mouse/Human 60x

A minimum of 200Gbp of 151bp PE Reads


*Orders >48 Samples receive 5% discount

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Variant Calling

Variant Calling Analysis is available at a rate of $10 per sample for haploid genomes (for other genomes, please contact us.)


  • An assembled and annotated reference genome must be provided. GenBank formats .gb, .gbff, .gbk are accepted, as well as NCBI Accession Numbers.


  • Example output of Variant Calling service can be found here.
Genomic Extraction Services

Genomic DNA isolation is available at a rate of $15 per sample for specific organisms

  • Extractions will be performed using Zymo DNA Miniprep (bead beating lysis)
  • We do not accept live BSL3 or above samples for extractions.
  • Samples should be sent as sealed pre-grown agar plates or aspirated frozen cell pellets (10^9 cells recommended).



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