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You will receive your invoice within 2 business days of completion of your order and delivery of your data. If you require an invoice in a specific timeframe, please send a request to We are happy to discuss your funding deadline and accommodations we may be able to make.

When you entered your credit card information through our online ordering system, an authorization was run, and a temporary hold was placed on your card in the amount that was quoted, plus a 3% processing fee.

This hold expires after 27 days or until we capture the funds. We do not capture funds until we invoice, which is done after we complete your order and deliver your data. At this time, an invoice/receipt is emailed to the billing contact as well as to the person who placed the order.

Unfortunately, we do not offer academic or new customer discounts. We implement methods that allow us to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry. Instead of offering occasional discounts, we take pride in keeping our prices as low as possible throughout the year to make sequencing consistently accessible to all researchers and budgets.

We accept valid Purchase Orders (PO) issued by your institution or credit card payments. There is a 3% processing fee for credit card transactions and a $20 wire transfer fee for international wire transfer payments.

POs are issued by a customer’s institution as a formal agreement to request specific quantities and types of services from SeqCenter and are a promise to pay for the services at the prices listed on the quote. Funds are only transferred when a formal invoice is submitted. For a customer’s institution, these also specify which funds or account are being used to pay. For SeqCenter, these are required for us to request payment when submitting an invoice after work is done. (Without a PO, we will not be paid.)

If SeqCenter has not done business with your institution before, we may be required to register as a vendor before a PO can be issued.

We would be happy to take care of any paperwork needed to become a registered vendor with your institution. Please direct paperwork to

If you have a current order that will be affected by the registration, please contact us with the order number as well.

The bulk discount is meant to incentivize large shipments, which allow us to fill out sequencing runs more quickly. This allows us to deliver data to all customers even faster, and as such, we like to pass on the small discount to large volume shipments as a “thank you.”

SeqCenter does not make shipping arrangements for sample submission. Cost estimates must be provided by your courier of choice.